This week

Here’s what’s happened in my world in the last few days:

I conquered a mountain. ok ok. let’s be honest, the mountain almost conquered me. but I did it. I climbed up Crowder’s mountain . the view was spectacular, the company was amazing and I took a 3 hour nap afterwards. #yolo

I’m in the process of buying a townhome. on my own. I never thought this would be a possibility. I’m an adult now! scary but also really exciting. the best is yet to come.

My niece turned 1 and started walking this week. we call her dennis the menace and she is so loved.

Spent a few days in one of my favorite cities: Asheville. ate so much good food, toured a brewery, learned how to do my job better and laughed a lot w/ my team.

Made lemon brownies. they have the texture of a fudgy brownie and the flavor of a lemon bar. sounds a little crazy right? they are delish.

Got to celebrate the birthdays of several of my dearest friends. birthdays are my favorite. I love the excuse to shower the people I love with gifts and appreciation. if gifts aren’t your forte, listen to the podcast from The Lazy Genius on gift giving. it is super helpful.



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